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Hope & Renewal for Detroit: A Food Distributor’s Perspective

In the past, a number of booming economic events helped Detroit to grow, and Lipari Foods has acted as a specialty food  distributor to Detroit throughout these times.  As populations expanded over the years, Lipari Foods ensured that customers had access to fresh regional deli, bakery and dairy products, as well as other necessary staples.  This helped to feed families for Detroit’s residents, blue and white collar workers alike, and helped to establish many neighborhood entrepreneurs who grew markets within their communities.

Detroit’s Resiliency of Spirit

Even after Detroit fell on hard times, its resiliency of spirit and strong cultural backgrounds helped neighborhoods survive in the midst of turmoil.  In recent years, the upswing appears to be continuing.  Development and revitalization for urban areas are receiving a lot of focus.  This has been enhanced by major investors putting money into rebuilding the riverfront and a number of newer computer technology companies moving to the downtown area.