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Offer Customers Gourmet Fare for the Holiday Season

Anyone who has been in the food service industry for any length of time knows that the holidays can be gold for businesses. Failing to adopt the holiday mindset well in advance of the actual holiday season can easily place businesses at a disadvantage.  Small grocers, delis, and other food retailers can win customer favor by shopping with their favorite wholesale food distributor in Chicago.

Here’s a list of foods that business owners should stock to prepare for the holiday season:


Three little letters, but this one dish spells big sales for businesses throughout the months of November and December. In some circles this also holds true for the latter half of October. Of particular interest to discerning customers are hams with specialty glazes. Businesses can prepare ham feasts for customers to take home and offer to their guests without the aggravation or stress of preparing them. Customers get the taste of homemade and the benefit of specialty glazes and their guests never need to know the meals aren’t made at home.


While more popular as a Thanksgiving standard, turkey still makes an appearance on many Christmas and other holiday tables. Stores and delis that fail to take advantage of this increased demand by boosting their supplies may face disappointing food sales during the holiday season. Offering fresh and frozen turkeys allows customers to select their favorite.


Desserts are one of those things that people either excel at making or struggle to prepare.  The holidays are a great time to think creatively.  Business owners can work with food distributors to select decadent desserts that will satisfy customers’ desire to indulge.