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Sports Facilities’ Concession Stands Can Offer Huge Variety With the Right Food Distributor

Sports fans love many things about heading out to a baseball, football, basketball or other favorite sporting event. Most people tuck some extra cash into their wallet, along with their tickets for the event, to make a visit or two to the concession stand. For most sports lovers, it is simply a matter of tradition. Their parents took them to games and bought them a hot dog, popcorn or candy, and it created a sense of camaraderie and fun, veering away from the normal healthy dinner fare they had each evening at the dinner table.

Modern families continue to look for ways to find balance in their diets. Since decadent foods are so prevalent and easily accessible, many families try to shave off calories where they can while adding in something with some nutritional value. These families might also worry that they will have to sacrifice that familiar feeling that they cherished in their youth. More importantly, they worry that they cannot offer their own families something special.

How Can Sports Facilities Help?

Sports facilities can help families find that balance by offering a variety of foods from their concession stands. When food service leaders for a sports facility work with a food distributor in the Midwest, they will find a bounty of delicious and nutritious options that will leave sports fans satisfied without the surplus calories and the guilt. While the thought of straying from standard favorites, such as soft pretzels, nachos and cheeseburgers might seem disorienting for food vendors at these facilities, they will marvel at the delights they will discover working with a professional food distribution company.

What Types of Healthier Food Options Can Sports Facilities Offer?

Food vendors for sports facilities will have the chance to work in tandem with their distribution representative to come up with foods that offer nutrition and the sense that people are still indulging, to a degree. Finger foods are the most popular items at sports stadiums and arenas, so food distributors will help food vendors find alternatives to traditionally high-calorie options, such as nachos and cheese. Families might choose alternative salty snacks such as veggie straws or sweet potato chips and pair them with a zesty salsa or a Greek yogurt dip to add in a dash of health. Families might also choose from an array of fresh sandwiches and wraps. With the right guidance from food distribution specialists, concessions professionals will find all types of exciting foods and bold new ways to serve their faithful sports fans.