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Why Look for a Chicago Wholesale Food Distributor that Offers Gluten Free Products?

When the idea of gluten intolerance first made its way into modern media, many people in the food industry felt it was a drop in the pan. Just another fad that would quickly fade into obscurity. But then it seemed to take hold and the idea that a food allergy, or sensitivity, could be the cause of all manner of dietary and health issues took hold giving birth to a new industry and high demand among consumers.

Today, that demand translates into a need for supermarkets, corner markets, and even vending machines to offer gluten free options in order to reach a growing segment of the market.

In fact, the surprising thing is that mainstream consumers, even those who haven’t been particularly health conscious in the past, are beginning to make the switch to a gluten free diet in hopes that it will cure all the ills their traditional Western diets have created.

For business owners that offer food, snacks, and household groceries to consumers, this means that they need to take the growing gluten free population into account and offer food and snack items that will appeal to this group. The food needs to taste great to keep consumers coming back for more. The good news is that big brands and major food distributors are beginning to take notice. As a result, they’re not only offering gluten free products to businesses, but also a greater variety of them.

Chicago area businesses that deal with food of any kind must begin to consider the potential value of building and fostering relationships with a wholesale food distributor in Chicago. A reliable distributor can assist them in meeting this growing demand for gluten free products. Fortunately, there are options and as demand for gluten free products in the area grows, the items available to them are sure to grow as well.

The sooner business owners reach out and begin building these important relationships, the better positioned they will be to reap the rewards that come in the form of satisfied customers. Until more businesses offer gluten free products, there will be some unique opportunities to make a profit on these items. Businesses that sell gluten free items will be viewed as among the first to offer these specialized food products – and that can translate to customer loyalty and repeat business.