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Where It All Began

Over the years, Lipari Foods has experienced tremendous growth throughout its history. The growth has come in many forms: acquisitions of distribution businesses, partnerships with several wholesale warehouses, and product expansion into packaging, seafood, and confections. In 2006, Lipari Foods built its current facility to customize space, technology, and accommodate anticipated future growth.


1938 – Jim Lipari begins to learn the grocery business working at his father’s store, Maria’s Market Benson & Mt. Elliott, Detroit.

1950-1960 – Jim Lipari later continues as a meat cutter at Hershey Meats Chalmers & Jefferson, Detroit.


1962 – Jim Lipari & John Bazzo start making Bazzo’s BBQ sauce at Li’l Giant Grocery Store- which Jim and John purchased in 1960.

1963 – Jim buys a 1959 Chevy station wagon, paints the Bazzo’s logo on it and starts selling sauce out of it. He then officially launches Lipari Foods Distributors.


Jim & his father begin making Bella Mia spaghetti sauce and continues making Bazzo’s in rented space in St. Clair Shores.

1966 – Jim buys his first building at 9 Mile between Mack & Jefferson in St. Clair Shores and he adds new products.


Lipari Foods continues to expand their product offerings & begin to focus on spices.

1971 – Thom Lipari starts working at Lipari Foods helping his grandfather make sauce. Jim purchases his second building with a walk-in cooler, allowing Lipari Foods to sell more Deli products St. Clair Shores.

1974 – Lori Lipari starts working at Lipari Foods in the accounts receivable department.


1977 – Jim Lipari buys his third building on Production Drive in Mount Clemens, MI.

1980 – Lipari begins selling their own label, starting with American Cheese.


Lipari Foods hosts its first Food Show.


1983 – Lipari starts selling frozen bakery dough.

1985+ – Lipari experiences rapid growth through new product offerings, especially in deli, bakery, & packaging categories.


1995 – Lipari moved once again to accommodate sales and product expansion.

1997+ – Lipari expands into new categories & markets through acquisitions.


Lipari acquires 16 distributors & manufacturing facilities.

2006 – Lipari builds it’s current location, a custom office building and warehouse.

2008 – Lipari Foods creates JLM Manufacturing & begins packing & manufacturing branded and private label offerings.

2009-2010 – Lipari adds 2 warehouses for dry & frozen storage in Warren & Detroit

2017 – Lipari adds frozen warehouse in Warren




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