Lipari Foods Finalizes Acquisition of Michigan-based Tut’s International to Expand International Specialty Food Offerings

WARREN, Mich. – On Thursday, December 31, Lipari Foods, a leading Specialty food distributor based in Warren, Michigan, closed on the acquisition of the Middle Eastern and Eastern European food business of Tut’s International that includes brands such as Dobrova, Shahia, and Lebanon Valley. Tut’s International is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. This opportunity expands Lipari’s product breadth in their international specialty food division that was developed after acquiring Dearborn-based Jerusalem Foods in 2018.

Lipari’s strategic position has always been to be one of the premier “perimeter of the store and specialty grocery distributors in the US. We are looking forward to continuing to grow our international specialty division and overall product offerings. Tut’s International is a trusted leader in the Middle Eastern and Eastern European market and adding their expertise to all that Lipari provides means greater opportunities for our already diverse customer base.

Thom Lipari, CEO of Lipari Foods

I am excited and proud of this new transition for our team. Lipari Foods is an extremely respected and capable company that will take our company and legacy to new levels. Our strengths coupled with Lipari’s strengths will solidify into one of the greatest alliances of our industry. I look forward to seeing the growth and development of our business as we work together to capture and create opportunities throughout the country. It is my pleasure to make this happen with one of the greatest and most reputable families in the industry.

–John Shenouda, President and Owner of Tut’s.

Since the creation of the international specialty division in 2018 we have worked to bring in only the best brands and partners to Lipari’s extensive customer base. I look forward to adding Tut’s capabilities and experience in Middle Eastern and Eastern European food to Lipari Foods.

–Ron Batshon, Vice President of International Specialty at Lipari Foods.

About Tut’s International
Tut’s International is regarded as one of the oldest and most reputable importers of quality Middle Eastern and Eastern European Foods in North America. For nearly 50 years, Tut’s has been importing more than 4,000 items from approximately 80 countries. Servicing everything from national supermarket chains to ethnic grocery retailers and everything in between, Tut’s has been on the leading edge of market development and modern mass market development in the food industry.