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Master Roasters Since 1928

Every pack of Pic-A-Nut is bursting with fresh-roasted flavor and aroma that’s a result of taking no shortcuts. We still follow our original hand-batch recipe from 1928 – the one that’s secured our reputation for excellence over the generations. It’s a difference you can taste. Beginning with the highest quality nuts and oils, slowly roasted following our hand-crafted process. A final inspection by our master roasters ensures you’ll enjoy every bite down to the last nut.

Packed With Goodness And Deliciousness

Almonds – Good for your Gut

  • Higher Fiber than other nuts
  • Rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant

Cashews – Brain Boosting

  • Rich in Iron, helping deliver oxygen to all cells
  • High in Zinc, critical to immune health and healthy visions

Walnuts – Energizing

  • High in Omega-3 fatty acids – helps lower cholesterol

Pecans – Heart Healthy

  • Hi in Antioxidants, contributing to heart health

Pistachios – Diet Friendly

  • The most Slimming nut – low in calories

Roasted Nuts • Raw Nuts • Dried Fruits • Snack Mixes


Explore our wide variety of snacking and baking nuts. From all natural raw nuts to perfectly roasted with sea salt or sweet and savory snack mixes we can help complete your recipe or satisfy your craving. Our range of sizes and packages allows you to choose what is right for you or your store.






  • Resealable Tubs
  • Clear Bags
  • Large and Small Bags
  • Single Serve Snack Bags
  • Bulk Items

Look for these in the…

  • Produce Department & Candy/Nut Displays
  • Produce Department
  • Baking Aisle & Display Racks
  • Snack Aisle & Display Racks
  • Check-Out Aisles
  • Bulk Bins

Convenience Stores


  • Single Serve Snack Bags
  • Large and Small Bags

Look for these in the…

  • Baking Aisle & Display Racks
  • Snack Aisle & Display Racks

Specialty & Concessions

  • Convenient Single Serve Bags of Nuts and Snack Mixes

Quality and consistency are the core principles behind the trusted Pic-A-Nut name. All production procedures are regulated and graded for:

  • Sanitation & Hygiene
  • Food Defense
  • Administrative & Regulatory Compliance
  • HACCP Management & Food Safety
  • Operational Methods & Personnel Practices



Kosher Certification 

All Pic-A-Nut items are kosher-certified by the Orthodox Union (OU), the world’s most recognized & trusted Kosher Certification. For over 80 years, the Orthodox Union has set the bar for the highest standards of kosher certification. Today the OU (Orthodox Union) Kosher is the world’s largest kosher certification agency, certifying more than 500,000 products produced in 80 countries around the world. To learn more about kosher certification visit www.oukosher.org.

Want more information?

For more information on our products and programs, please contact us at info@pic-a-nut.com.