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Our Exclusive Brands

Amish Wedding

Quality is key. Our jarred products come in a variety of sizes that are canned the old-fashioned way. We use a slow cooking process in our authentic Amish style recipes, made one batch at a time to insure quality. Each product is hand-picked and made with fresh ingredients to make every occasion special.

Backroad Country

Our wide variety of old-fashioned candies and snacks are reminiscent of days gone by.
Berne’a Farms Logo


Sour cream and dips using fresh cream and natural ingredients.


A variety of cheeses including ackawi, feta and Spanish cheese.

Dairy Fresh

Since 1935, Dairy Fresh has been pleasing generations of consumers with wholesome, quality products in dairy, deli, grocery, meat and seafood, and foodservice.

Double Yolk

Double Yolk egg noodles are made the old-fashioned way – with quality ingredients and double the egg yolks for richer, fuller flavor. Our thick dense noodles are carefully rolled and sheet-cut, creating the perfect foundation for any meal and a taste the whole family will enjoy. Bring comfort home with Double Yolk noodles.

Edna’s Essentials

The name Edna fittingly means rejuvenation and delight. With safe, non-GMO ingredients and made from natural oils and herbs, Edna’s Essentials soaps and lotions are the natural way to a better you.

Jim's Cheese

Jim's Cheese is known for its large selection of specialty, aged and cut out cheeses and has been supplying great Wisconsin cheese since 1955.
Lipari Brand Logo

Lipari Brand

Lipari’s own exclusive brand.

Lipari Old Tyme

Inspired by Tradition. Designed for Today's Lifestyle. Lipari Foods was built on trust, passion, care, dilligence, and time.  For over a decade, we have put that same passion and care into the development of our Lipari Old Tyme brand.  Our customers can trust that Lipari Old Tyme will deliver consistent quality and traditional taste in every product.

Michigan Brand

Since 1929 Michigan Brand has been recognized as a premium cottage cheese brand known for its "Old Fashioned Goodness"
Pic-A-Nut Logo


Offering a complete line of snack food products, nuts, nut mixes, dried fruits, candy and other snack foods.


A variety of fresh deli sandwiches packaged up in a unique and comprehensive food service solution.
Reno's Logo


One of the largest fresh pizza brands in the Midwest.


Offering a complete line of high-quality baked goods for any occasion. Breads, pies, cakes, donuts and more!


Sahtein translates to, “In Good Health” and offers a complete line of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern products made with the finest ingredients on the market.


Rich in Tradition – Rich in Taste® If a product as the name “Troyer” on it, it is known for quality and consistency. Troyer products include deli meat and cheese, beef jerky, Amish roll butter and much more!

Wholey Seafood


A broad range of products that are guaranteed to be "Grandma's Good".