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A Smart Choice that Tastes Great – Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese has been a long time staple for people who are on a diet or are looking for a way to lose weight.  You may well wonder, just how did this dairy item become known as a good choice for eating smart?  The simple answer is that it is highly concentrated protein that also contains vitamins and minerals which are integral to muscle and bone strength and growth.

Understanding How the Body Uses Nutrients

People are generally familiar with the idea that a low carbohydrate and high protein diet may contribute to easier weight loss through the formation of lean muscle.  The reasoning has to do with the way that the body processes these nutrients.  Carbohydrates are necessary for long term energy, but this is because as the sugars are broken down, those which are not immediately used will be stored in the cells.  This means that when reserve energy is needed, the body will turn to the stored sugars instead of starting to break down the fat cells for weight loss.

Protein is the Secret

Proteins, on the other hand, are vital for immediate use in terms of building and repairing muscle tissue.  All of the energy from proteins is instantly used by the cells, so that when extra energy is needed and is not available in the form of sugars, the body will begin to use lipids.  This process can lead to more rapid weight loss.

Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese provides a number of smart eating options for people who are trying to lose weight in an appropriate manner that is conducive to wellness.  Low-fat and non-fat options are available that offer excellent texture and great taste.

Eat Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese Instead!

Michigan cottage cheese offers a smart choice that makes a great snack. When the urge for sweets becomes irresistible, it’s time to remember to eat Michigan Brand Cottage Cheese instead!

Tip: Add some fresh blueberries and raspberries to plain cottage cheese to satisfy a sweet tooth.